Activities and Projects

"The Line of Fire", Capt Matt Gauldie's commemorative bronze statue of Gallipoli artist, mapmaker, & Hamilton hero: Sapper Horace Moore-Jones. Unveiled 27 March 2015.

Topics: Memorials, Monuments, Fine Art, Anzac Day 2015, Sculpture Audience: General, Teachers, Students, Artists Located in: New Zealand, Hamilton Organised by: TOTI Trust - Hamilton Category: Memorials or monuments

The Bandsmen's Memorial Rotunda, a well known landmark in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, is to be repaired and strengthened.

Topics: Memorials and Monuments, park, Christchurch, Lottery Grant Recipients Located in: New Zealand, Christchurch Organised by: Christchurch City Council Category: Memorials or monuments

Jane Tolerton's book Ettie Rout: New Zealand’s safer sex pioneer details the achievements of a woman who pioneered safer sex initiatives for New Zealand troops in the First World War.

Topics: Books, Publications, Lottery Grant Recipients, Women in wartime Audience: General, historians, Historians of health and medicine Located in: Wellington Organised by: Ettie Rout Subcommittee of New Zealand Sexual Health Society Category: Publications and online resources

Four Tauranga men died at Passchendaele – Albert Wasley, Sydney Carl Jordan, Walter Cunningham and Cecil Guinness. This exhibition tells their story. Phoenix Car Park, Mt Maunganui.

Topics: Passchendaele, Exhibitions Audience: general audiences Located in: New Zealand, Mt Maunganui Organised by: WW100 Tauranga Category: Exhibitions and new educational facilities

100 schools will research the stories behind the people named on First World War memorials at or near their school and publish them online as Living Heritage sites.

Topics: Education, Community contribution, Digital, Online Cenotaph Audience: Teachers, librarians, Students, Community Groups Located in: New Zealand, Wellington Organised by: 2020 Communications Trust Category: Publications and online resources, Classroom activities or formal learning, Research or lifelong learning

The ANZAC Hall Club Society Incorporated is producing a set of four calendars as a limited edition over the period July 2014 to December 2018.

Wairarapa contingent leaving Masterton Station on 13 August 1914
Topics: Publications Audience: General, local visitors Located in: New Zealand, Featherston Organised by: The ANZAC Hall Club Society Incorporated - Featherston Category: Publications and online resources

The Troopers Tale - The History of The Otago Mounted Rifles is the complete and authorised narrative of the Otago Mounted Rifles, edited by the late Dr Don Mackay.

Topics: Otago Mounted Rifles, OMR, Publications, New Zealand Mounted Rifles, Messines Audience: historians, Teachers, veterans, Students Organised by: Dr Don Mackay, Turnbull Ross Publishing, Dr Don Mackay with Ralph Lawrence (Publications) Category: Publications and online resources

A special issue of the Women's Studies Journal, including articles engaging in historical critique of women's experiences in the First World War, is to be published in June 2016.

Topics: publication, resources, Women in wartime Audience: academics; women in communities Organised by: Women's Studies Association (NZ) Journal Collective Category: Publications and online resources