Discover WW1

Did you know that on 16 October 1914, the largest group of men ever to leave New Zealand departed for the First World War?

Did you know that New Zealanders named vast tunnel systems beneath the Western Front in Europe after places from home?

Auckland Museum Exhibition Developer Janneen Love writes about telling a First World War story that she – like many New Zealanders – previously knew little about.

Discover how events unfolded in the week New Zealand went to war, and 100 years later.

Discover the history behind the 'H series', a collection of official First World War photographs now freely available for anyone to download and use.

Anzac Day this year marked the centenary of the last time that 25 April was just a day like any other day – before it became a signature date in New Zealand history.

Personnel records give us detailed administrative information about those who served in the First World War.

Did you know that the enemy at Gallipoli wasn't the 'Turks'?

When Britain declared war in August 1914, did this automatically mean New Zealand was also at war?

“This is the shrapnel bullet which wounded me on 31/12/16...”. Sarah Lang tells the story of John James Jackson.