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What if Twitter had been invented 100 years ago?

History from the perspective of New Zealanders who experienced it. Daily quotes from diaries, letters, newspapers... shared in 'real-time' exactly 100 years later.

Edward Aubrey

25 June 1917

Had very little sleep last night owing to ear ache which I have never had in my life before via @aubreydiary

Leslie Adkin's diary

25 June 1917

Crutched 140 of Father's "turnip" lambs. via @adkin_diary

Corp. William McCaw

25 June 1917

The planes are busy. Fritz brought down one of ours near the lines while another was smashed to smitherines by a shell. via @McCaw_diary

Auckland Weekly News

25 June 1917


25 June 1917

100,000,000 NEW SUNS - Cromwell Argus, 25 June 1917 via @PapersPastNZ

Lincoln Lee

25 June 1917

" ... went through some very beautiful country, low rolling hills dotted with glorious trees ..." via @walkmarch

CS Clarke's Diary

24 June 1917

The Kawau which was wind bound at Mangawai came out this morning and called in here and Ti Point. via @csclarke_diary

Fred Welch's diary

24 June 1917

James Cox's diary

24 June 1917

Rained until noon and showers since….I had planned to go into Carterton but did not go via @cox_diary