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26 March 1917

TABLE TALK - Auckland Star, 26 March 1917 via @PapersPastNZ

CS Clarke's Diary

25 March 1917

Jack, Henry & Fred Gallbraith went down to Whites and drove up Jack’s lambs that were not sold yesterday. via @csclarke_diary

NH Smith's Letters

25 March 1917

Awapuni is a lovely place. No stones, no dust, no lack of leave, no hard work all of which exist at Trentham. via @NHSmith_letters

NR Smith's Letters

25 March 1917

The tucker is fairly good and we don’t have to fight for it here like we did at Trentham. via @NRSmith_letters

Fred Welch's diary

25 March 1917

Heavy rain set in at night, which was very welcome as the country was getting very dried up. . via @FPWelchdiaries

James Cox's diary

25 March 1917

This morning I walked to the Waiohine bridge and loafed since via @cox_diary

Leslie Adkin's diary

25 March 1917

Took it easy rest of day as not feeling well. via @adkin_diary

Corp. William McCaw

25 March 1917

Lt. Widdowson left for England & the Brigade being newly formed there. He will try to get me over as one of his officers. via @McCaw_diary

Auckland Weekly News

25 March 1917

The wooden heads: models of enemy celebrities made of wood by French soldiers, and placed opposite German... via @AkWeeklyNews