Activities and Projects

An online resource telling a modern and accessible story about the New Zealand Division's role at the Western Front.

Topics: New Zealand Division, Websites, Digital Audience: Teachers, secondary students, Descendants, Tourists, Organisations Organised by: Category: Publications and online resources

A memorial service marking the 99th anniversary of the signing of the armistice. Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland, 11 November 2017, 11am.

Topics: Commemorations, Ceremonies Audience: General, general audiences Located in: New Zealand, Auckland Organised by: Auckland War Memorial Museum Category: Commemorative events, parades and services

A blog which focuses partly on the memoirs and books written by New Zealanders such as O E Burton, Robin Hyde, John A Lee and Archibald Baxter.

Topics: Personal projects, Conscientious objection, Digital Audience: secondary students, Tertiary students, Teachers Located in: New Zealand, Dunedin Organised by: Tim Leadbetter Category: Research or lifelong learning

Jane Tolerton's book Ettie Rout: New Zealand’s safer sex pioneer details the achievements of a woman who pioneered safer sex initiatives for New Zealand troops in the First World War.

Topics: Books, Publications, Lottery Grant Recipients, Women in wartime Audience: General, historians, Historians of health and medicine Located in: Wellington Organised by: Ettie Rout Subcommittee of New Zealand Sexual Health Society Category: Publications and online resources

A riverside garden in memory of military personnel killed in the First World War, focusing on Hamilton city's connection with the Belgian town of Ieper (Ypres).

Topics: Monuments, Memorials, Lottery Grant Recipients, Passchendaele Audience: General, local visitors Located in: New Zealand, Hamilton Organised by: Hamilton City Council Category: Memorials or monuments

Creating a new play about young Aussies and Kiwis visiting Gallipoli on the night before Anzac Day. What is it that attracts them?

Topics: Lottery Grant Recipients, Events, Performing Arts, Theatre Audience: General Located in: New Zealand, Wanaka Organised by: Southern Lakes Arts Festival Trust Category: Concerts, festivals or performances

Over 100 identified/named photographs of New Zealand military nurses upload to the NZANS website.

Topics: New Zealand Mlitary nursing, Nursing history, nurses, Publications Audience: Nurses, historians, family historians Organised by: Sheray McNabb Category: Publications and online resources

A Field of Remembrance will be installed around the Dunedin Cenotaph to mark the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele from 1 October to 11 November 2017.

Topics: Passchendaele, Fields of Remembrance Audience: General, general audiences Located in: New Zealand, Dunedin Category: Commemorative events, parades and services

As part of Southland's commemorations, Venture Southland has coordinated the production of 169 street banners and 43 flags. These flags will be displayed throughout the region. 

Organised by: Venture Southland Category: Other

A working bee to tidy the graves of some of the 650 people buried at Karori Cementery who died in the 1918 influenza outbreak. Karori Cemetery, Wellington, 12 November 2017, 2 p.m.

Topics: Restoration projects Audience: general audiences, wellington Located in: New Zealand, Wellington Category: Other

Featuring Sir Peter Jackson’s collection of First World War aircraft and artefacts, brought to life in sensational sets created by WingNut Films and Weta Workshop.

Topics: Exhibitions, aviation Audience: General, Schools Located in: New Zealand, Blenheim Organised by: Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre Category: Exhibitions and new educational facilities

An Awfully Big Adventure transports audiences to the First World War to interrogate the impact it had on New Zealanders. Civic Theatre, Invercargill, 31 August 2017, 6pm.

Topics: Theatre, Family & Lifestyle Audience: general audiences Located in: New Zealand, Invercargill Organised by: Civic Theatre Category: Concerts, festivals or performances