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Anzac 100 Years 100 Horses Ride

Over two days, 100 riders and their horses will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in North Canterbury.

There will be 100 riders for the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. 52 of these riders will be dressed in full military uniform representing the 52 soldiers from this area who didn't return home.
Friday 24th April 2015 - Day 1 - Will see us all assembled near "The Peaks Hall" for an introduction, run through with the organisers re: rider placement, formation etc. Riders, support crew and horses will stay over night in their own tents / horse floats etc. All food will be provided for them. There will be more info provided on this once we have our rider numbers. 
Saturday 25th April 2015 - Day 2 - The ride will start at the Peaks Hall where we will be attending the Dawn Service. We will then ride through to Waikari for the service there.
24th April:
10am: All riders and horses will meet at The Peaks Hall carpark, Hawarden (670 The Peaks Road, Hawarden), where the group will set up and train for the next day. This incudes settling horses in, setting up own accommodation in tent /camper / horse floats etc.
Lunch will be provided and following that there will be briefing meetings, a practice run through of the mounted formation, afternoon tea and then Uniform fittings / wardrobe checks all other wardrobe in The Peaks Hall.
6.30pm: Dinner served at The Peaks Hall 
25th April:
4.30 - 5.15am: Breakfast served for 300 PAX at The Peaks Hall. (Riders to bring own plate/mug/utensils)
5.30am: All horses and riders must be saddled and dressed and must be ready to go by 5.30am.
5.30 - 6am: Horses assemble in 4 x units and walk out in formation in front of the Memorial at The Peaks Hall for the 6am service.
6am: Full mounted 30 min Dawn Service at The Peaks Hall, immediately followed by departure on ride.
6.30am: Ride commences from The Peaks, 670 The Peaks Road, through Hawarden to 30-32 Princes St Waikari.
10.30am: Full ANZAC service in Waikari
12.30pm: Event ends
If you are a direct descendent of any of our fallen soldiers please get in touch ASAP
Could all interested riders please confirm you want to attend this ride by emailing me, Terry King, 033142171, [email protected].

Video tribute to the Canterbury Mounted Rifles Regiment
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