Anzac Day 2018 - Gallipoli

On 25 April each year we commemorate the landings of the Anzacs on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

The commemorative sites at Gallipoli are the sovereign territory of the Turkish people and holding the annual Anzac Day commemorative services is only possible with the cooperation and generous assistance of the Government of the Republic of Turkey.

In 2018, Australia and New Zealand will conduct the iconic Dawn Service at the Anzac Commemorative Site at Gallipoli, starting at 5.30am after an overnight vigil. Later that morning Australia will conduct a memorial service at Lone Pine at 9:30 am, and New Zealand will conduct its own memorial service at Chunuk Bair at 11:30 am – timings for the Australian and New Zealand services are subject to confirmation.

There is no ballot for the 2018 Anzac Day services at Gallipoli but attendees will require an attendance pass. Anyone wishing to attend the Dawn Service can do so regardless of nationality. The New Zealand Service at Chunuk Bair is also open to all nationalities. All visitors will be able to be accommodated on the Chunuk Bair site or on one adjacent overflow site.

All visitors (New Zealand, Australian or other nationalities) who choose to walk from the Dawn Service site, up 2nd Ridge Road to Lone Pine, and then on to Chunuk Bair (past Quinn’s Post, The Nek, Baby 700) will be coach loaded from Chunuk Bair.  There will be no coachloading at any other location within the Anzac Battlefield.

Information for tour operators can be found at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need an attendance pass for Anzac Day 2018 at Gallipoli?

There is no ballot for 2018 but visitors will need to obtain an attendance pass. Attendance passes can be obtained by prior registration (register for your attendance pass here).  Attendance passes can also be obtained at your coach registration point (Mimoza Otopark) from 9.30 pm on 25 April until 3.00 am on 25 April.  Prior registration is strongly recommended as attendance passes will not be issued if the site reaches its maximum safe capacity.

Visitors will need to retain their attendance pass throughout their time at Gallipoli, as scanning and security screening will occur at the entry into each commemorative site. Anyone who wishes to attend the Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli in 2018 can do so.

What will happen once I arrive at Gallipoli?

Upon arrival all vehicles will be directed to register several kilometres from the commemorative site. All tour coaches will be given a registration number and you will be given a bag tag with your coach registration number on it. All visitors are to remain in their coaches/vehicles during registration.

Coach registration will recommence at Mimoza Otopark from 9.30 pm.  Your coach will then proceed to Beach Cemetery where you will disembark.  The walk into the Anzac Commemorative Site is approximately 700m.  There will be shuttles available for visitors who are unable to walk this distance.  The opening of the commemorative site will occur at approximately 10pm.                                      

Make sure you take everything you will need for the next 24-36 hours with you, as you will not be able to access your bus until after the commemorative services on Anzac Day.

Do I need a visa to enter Turkey?

Visitors travelling on a New Zealand passport do not need a visa to enter Turkey. Visitors travelling on other passports, including Australian and British passports, are required to have an entry visa. You must apply for and receive your entry visa before you travel. You can apply for a visa online at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ evisa website.

Foreigners wishing to enter Turkey must carry a passport or travel document with an expiration date of at least 60 days beyond the date of expiration of their visa, visa exemption or residence permit, or intended date of travel.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a must-have for overseas travel, so make sure that you have organised a comprehensive travel insurance policy before you leave New Zealand or your home location. Overseas medical care and repatriation is very expensive. If something unexpected happens and you don’t have the appropriate travel insurance, you are personally liable for all costs. Your insurance policy should cover provision for medical evacuation by air.

Make sure your insurance covers all the activities you will be undertaking and any pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to be clear about what is covered under your policy; if in doubt, talk to your insurer.

Do I need to register my travel?

Before you leave your home location you are encouraged to register your travel details on the Safe Travel website. Registration means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade can keep you updated with travel advisory information, and can contact you and account for your well-being in an emergency.

The Safe Travel website provides travel advice for Turkey. It is recommended that all New Zealanders travelling to Turkey for Anzac Day monitor this advice. The New Zealand Government Travel Advisory for Turkey will be kept under close review in the lead up to Anzac Day.

How do I get to the Gallipoli Peninsula?

The Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park is 5 hours drive from Istanbul. The nearest towns to the commemorative site are Eceabat (20km), Çanakkale (30kms, and a ferry ride), and Gelibolu (45kms). There is no public transport available from these towns to the national park.

It is your responsibility to arrange transport to the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. The majority of those who travel to the national park do so as part of a guided coach tour. There are a number of tour operators based in Turkey/Europe that are running tours to Gallipoli for Anzac Day.

Tour coach is the recommended method of travel to/from Gallipoli, though a small number of visitors also opt to travel independently by private vehicle (e.g. rental car or campervan). As vehicle entry into the national park is sometimes restricted, and there is limited parking far from the commemorative site, this is not recommended.

Previously visitors have arrived by taxi, but they have found this to be problematic. There are no taxi ranks or public phones available to call a taxi after the service. If a taxi does agree to pick you up, it will not be permitted access to the commemorative site to collect you.

What Security Screening will be in place at Gallipoli?

Security screening will occur at all entry points, and similar to international flight rules, there are restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels and separate screening requirements for electronic devices. These restrictions include:

  • Liquid, aerosol or gel products must be in containers of 100 millilitres or less.
  • The containers must be carried in one transparent, resealable plastic bag.
  • The four sides of the bags sealed area must add up to no more than 80 centimetres (e.g. 20x20 cm or 15x25 cm).
  • The plastic bag must be the type that can be sealed and resealed with a sealing mechanism, like a sandwich bag or freezer bag.
  • Only one bag is allowed for each person.
  • All containers must fit comfortably into the plastic bag and the bag must be sealed.
  • Containers larger than 100 millilitres, even if only partially-filled, will not be allowed through the security screening points.  Water will be available, free and for purchase, at the Anzac Commemorative Site and at Chunuk Bair.
  • You will be asked to remove all electronic devices such as iPads and laptops, to be submitted for separate security screening.
What should I bring with me to Gallipoli?

We recommend you bring the following items with you:

  • Light water and wind-proof jacket
  • Clothing for sun protection, including a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses
  • Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Drinking water (unopened – open bottles will not be permitted into the site)
  • Hand sanitizer (100 ml or less)
  • Sunscreen (100 ml or less)
  • Basic first aid kit (band aids and non-prescription pain relief medication) and any prescription medications required
  • Compact camera
  • Small bag or day pack to carry everything
Are there any prohibited items?

The following items are prohibited from the commemorative site, and will be confiscated at security screening:

  • Dangerous or hazardous items
  • Advertising or marketing messages
  • Large backpacks or luggage (day packs, aircraft cabin bag-sized are ok)
  • Camping equipment (including tents, folding chairs, camping mats, cooking equipment, stretchers etc)
  • Any bottles of liquid – opened or unopened.  Water will be available, free and for purchase, at the Anzac Commemorative Site and at Chunuk Bair
  • Opened bottles of liquid
  • Flammable liquids
  • Weapons or sharp objects, including umbrellas
  • Large objects (e.g. chairs, musical instruments)
  • Hiking/walking sticks or poles that do not fold down/telescope (medical and mobility aids such as walkers, walking sticks and wheelchairs will be permitted subject to medical need)
  • Large flags or banners
  • Professional photographic equipment (including telescopic zoom lenses, audio visual or cinematographic devices apart from for accredited media)
  • ‘Selfie’ sticks and large camera tripods
  • Drones and remote control devices
  • Lighting fires in the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park is prohibited
  • Smoking is prohibited at all commemorative sites
  • Alcohol – it is illegal to consume alcohol in the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. Intoxicated persons will be refused entry.
What kind of facilities are at Gallipoli?

There is no permanent infrastructure or shelter within the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. On 24-25 April there will be a small number of food vendors on site, portable toilets, limited rubbish disposal facilities, and a small First Aid presence on site. You will need cash (Turkish Lira) to pay the food vendors. Facilities are very limited at the commemorative site, so it is important to come prepared by bringing (unopened) bottles of water and non-perishable snacks.

What is the terrain/weather like at Gallipoli?

The terrain on the Gallipoli Peninsula is rugged and sloping, and there are few flat surfaces. There are many steep drops and rough bush around the Peninsula. The weather can be fairly unpredictable, with very cold nights and very hot days. Rain, high winds, and extreme sunshine are all possible.

You need to arrive at the Gallipoli Peninsula on 24 April fully prepared for a variety of weather conditions, as well as the long night and day ahead. It is important to bring appropriate clothing for both hot and cold weather, and for rain. You will spend the night out in the open; it can get very cold on the Peninsula in the early hours of the morning, with people often needing to wear four or five layers. If it rains, there is no shelter and you will need appropriate waterproof gear (but bear in mind that umbrellas are prohibited). Ponchos and beanies will be provided in the information packs you will receive upon entry into the commemorative site. Nevertheless it is always a good idea to bring your own weather and waterproof clothing.

It can also become very hot during the day, with sunburn and overheating not uncommon. It is very important, if the day is hot and sunny, to be sun safe - wear sunglasses, a sunhat, sunscreen, and stay hydrated. 

Can I bring children to the commemorative service at Gallipoli?

Yes, but it is important to consider how well your child will cope with the travel and conditions at Gallipoli, including being out in the open overnight in the cold without shelter. There are no changing or parenting facilities on site.

What can I expect at Chunuk Bair?

Chunuk Bair sits above the Anzac Commemorative Site on the Sari Bair Range. There is little natural shade and shelter, and the area is very exposed to the elements. It is important that you have the appropriate clothing, including layers, a windproof and waterproof jacket, and sun protective gear, to deal with any weather situation on Chunuk Bair on 25 April. Facilities at Chunuk Bair will also be limited and will include portable toilets, first aid, adverse weather shelter, drinking water, and a very small number of local food vendors.

Following the Dawn Service at the Anzac Commemorative Site you will be able to walk to Chunuk Bair via Artillery Road. The total distance from the Anzac Commemorative Site to Chunuk Bair is approximately 9.5kms and climbs 260m in altitude.  You do not need to rush your walk, but you will need to arrive at Chunuk Bair by 10:15am.

Upon arrival you will undergo security screening at Hill 261, which is next to Chunuk Bair, and after a waiting period you will be permitted to move to the Chunuk Bair site, about 100 metres along from Hill 261.

Following the New Zealand Service at Chunuk Bair, attendees will be asked to move back to Hill 261 to await coach loading. Coaches are called by their registration number as they arrive on site, and they arrive in random order, so be prepared to wait. The coach loading process could take a few hours depending on how many buses there are. Once your bus is called you will be able to board and depart the Peninsula.

Information for tour operators

Here are the links to download information for tour operators to plan bus movements at the Gallipoli commemorations on 25 April 2018.

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