Anzac Hall restoration

Restoration of Anzac Hall, a historic building connected with Featherston Military Camp. 

Anzac Hall, Featherston

The Anzac/Kiwi Hall building is a Category 1 historic place, registered by the NZ Historic Places Trust in 1987. It is the last remaining building connected with the former Featherston Military Training Camp, as it was built by Featherston citizens as a recreational facility for soldiers at the camp. It will be a key focal point in the Wairarapa for First World War centenary events. The building is historically significant not only as a memorial to the soldiers of the two world wars, but also for its role as a temporary hospital both during the 1918 influenza epidemic and again after the riot of Japanese prisoners of war in 1943. Featherston's Town Hall was demolished in the

1970s, and the building is an important community resource which functions as the town hall.

The Anzac Hall will be 100 years old on 16 October 2016. Restoration work is needed to preserve and maintain the building for continuing use as a facility and as a permanent memorial to Wairarapa soldiers killed in the First World War.

The building conservation plan details the work needed to ensure the building continues to survive and be used by the community. The exterior is being stripped, treated and repainted, along with repair work to timber and joinery as required. A new roof is being put on. The interior walls and floors will be repainted/revarnished, and the toilet areas tidied up.

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Timber being stripped of old paint and treated before repainting
Interior of main hall - much varnish to be redone, and repainting of the pressed metal above the picture rails
Interior of the smaller Kiwi Hall, which is part of the same structure
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12 Jan 2015
01 Nov 2015
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