ANZAC Song 'Brave Digger'

ANZAC Song 'Brave Digger'

Dear All,

I'm an Australian hip-hop artist who has created an ANZAC song 'Brave Digger':

Just wondering how I can spread the song's love to New Zealand since I live in Australia?

Information on 'Brave Digger':
The unanimous and relentless effort by our ANZACs still remains in our cultural norms today. This is a very unique characteristic in modern society due to the rapidly evolving marketplace and social media presence. The message behind 'Brave Digger' is the omnipresent inter-generational traditions through the courage, endurance, initiative, discipline, and mateship of our ANZACs.
This is a unique characteristic of being an Australian or New Zealander and the song narrates why we are all Brave Diggers who have the courage to soldier on in life, regardless of the obstacles.

There are also other symbolic references present in the chorus. For example, "battle of yours" recognises the personal challenges of servicemen and women and "battle of wars" recognises the challenges of warfare.

Thanks, Krispe
Contact: krispekay(at)

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