WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Book The Obscure Heroes of Liberty: The unknown underground in Belgium helping New Zealand and other soldier prisoners escaped from the Germans. The members of the underground are named.

Topics: German prisoners, Belgium people, Underground movement, resistance organisation, Women in war Audience: historians, Schools, Genealogists and Family Historians, museums, Libraries Located in: Belgium, Auckland
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To commemorate the First World War centenary, Jonathan Grant Galleries will exhibit a collection of rare war artworks - including works by Nugent Welch and Peter McIntyre. Opens August 2014.

Nugent Welch, 'Ruins of Cloth Hall & Cathedral Y'pres 1918, Watercolour & pencil, 37 x 34 cm
Topics: Fine Art, Events, Exhibitions, Sculpture, August 14 Audience: General, museums, galleries, Artists Located in: New Zealand, Auckland
Organised by: Jonathan Grant Galleries

A collections-driven exhibition project that explores New Zealanders’ objects related to the First World War from both overseas and the home front.

Topics: Exhibitions, Community contribution, Websites, Digital Audience: museums, galleries, General