WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Distinguished historian Christopher Pugsley charts the New Zealand Division’s last and most successful First World War action in an authoritative and highly illustrated book.

Topics: Books, Publications, Le Quesnoy, Christopher Pugsley, military history Audience: historians, Teachers, secondary students, military
Organised by: Oratia Books

Take an in-depth look at the stories behind five of the Carillon bells dedicated by Wellingtonians in memory of those who died in the First World War. 

Topics: memorial, carillon, monument, heritage site, Soldiers Audience: Teachers, secondary students, Public Located in: New Zealand, Wellington
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Journey's End, a play by Passchendaele playwright R C Sherriff based on his experience in the trenches, is showing in Ypres, Belgium in a recreated bunker from 10 October to 12 November 2018. 

Topics: Theatre, Re-enactments, Passchendaele, Overseas Audience: veterans, secondary students, Teachers, Individuals / Families, historians

Retired Belgian judge Dominique Cooreman unearthed an almost forgotten battle in Belgium, where more than 1000 NZ soldiers were killed between mid-June to the end of August 1917.

Topics: Belgium, military history, social history, Family History, Publications Audience: Teachers, secondary students, Families, historians
Organised by: Dominique Cooreman

Since writing you last... features the letters of four Southland First World War soldiers.  Over 1700 pages from 307 letters have been digitised, transcribed, and made available to the public.

Topics: letters, Southland, primary resource Audience: Teachers, secondary students, historians, general audience, Tertiary students Located in: New Zealand, Invercargill

Post to the Past aims to individually commemorate all the NZ soldiers who fell in the battle of Messines (Belgium). Participants are asked to leave a personal message for 'their' kiwi.

Topics: Messines, Commemorate, battlefield, remembrance, Heritage trails Audience: Teachers, Schools, secondary students, pilgrims
Organised by: Messines Peace Village

This new book commemorates the day when fighting stopped in 1918 and looks at what happened next. Partnered with best-selling Anzac Day, it makes an excellent reference for the whole family.

Topics: Publications, Education, Books, peace, Peace celebrations Audience: Families, Teachers, Primary students, secondary students, General
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A series of ‘making of’ videos released around the opening of the Gallipoli: The scale of our war exhibition at Te Papa on 18 April 2015.

Topics: Gallipoli, online resources, video, Exhibitions Audience: Teachers, secondary students, General

The National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) is producing a 2015 diary acknowledging the First World War that has a particular focus on its impact on women.

Topics: Women in wartime, Publications Audience: Women, historians, secondary students Located in: New Zealand, Wellington

Jan Bolwell's solo play about her grandfather's experiences on the Western Front during the First World War.

Topics: Theatre, Performing Arts, Events, Armistice Audience: General, Teachers, secondary students
Organised by: Jan Bolwell

A museum and research centre commemorating Rannerdale and Canterbury's First World War stories, archives, and research facilities.

Lord and Lady Bledisloe visiting a Rannerdale Veteran in the 1930s
Topics: Museum, Research, Education, Archives, Lottery Grant Recipients Audience: local visitors, Teachers, secondary students, Students, Researchers Located in: New Zealand, Christchurch
Organised by: Rannerdale Veterans Care

'Entangled Islands' is the first in a series of exhibitions at Auckland War Memorial Museum about the New Zealand war experience over the centenary period. 19 June 2014-1 February 2015.

New Zealand parliamentary trip to the islands. 1903, photographer unknown. Alexander Turnbull Library. PAColl-6001-45.
Topics: Events, August 14, Pacific, Samoa Audience: Teachers, secondary students, General Located in: New Zealand, Auckland

While observing a variety of animals, students on this learning programme at Orana Wildlife Park will discuss symbolism and the effectiveness of animal imagery in First World War propaganda posters.

Topics: Education, Events, Animals Audience: secondary students, Schools, Teachers, Students Located in: New Zealand, Christchurch

A blog which focuses partly on the memoirs and books written by New Zealanders such as O E Burton, Robin Hyde, John A Lee and Archibald Baxter.

Topics: Personal projects, Conscientious objection, Digital Audience: secondary students, Tertiary students, Teachers Located in: New Zealand, Dunedin
Organised by: Tim Leadbetter

New Zealand has been invited to send four young people to join youth from all countries involved in the First World War to march along the Champs-Elysées on Bastille Day, 14 July 2014.

Topics: Overseas, France Audience: Youth, secondary students
Category: Exchanges

The Eastern Institute of Technology and Flinders University, Australia, are researching women teachers as volunteers in Egypt and Europe and those who kept schools open at home. 

Topics: research presentations, research papers Audience: Tertiary students, secondary students, Teachers

Music for the 2014 season, influenced by acts of human violence throughout history; each a moving tribute to our humanity. Features Górecki’s sorrowful 3rd symphony. 2-3 May 2014.

Topics: Anzac Day 2014, Music, Events, Performing Arts, Classical Music Audience: Teachers, secondary students, Tertiary students, General Located in: New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, Wellington

Centrepoint Theatre premieres The War Artist, a play based on the painting "Burial Party at Bellevue near Solesme" by war artist George Butler. On from 15 March-12 April 2014.

"Burial Party at Bellevue near Solesme" by George Butler, one of New Zealand's official war artists.
Topics: Events, Theatre, Performing Arts Audience: secondary students, General, Descendants, local visitors Located in: New Zealand, Palmerston North
Organised by: Centrepoint Theatre

In this 6-week course you will learn about the causes, course and consequences of the conflict and examine major aspects of the world that entered and fought the First World War.

Topics: Events, Education, History Audience: Families, secondary students, veterans, historians, Descendants Located in: New Zealand, Wellington

Never a week goes by is an exhibition depicting the impact of the First World War on two Pacific colonies, one English and one French. Opens February 2015, and tours nationally through 2016.

Topics: Exhibitions, Events, Pacific, Lottery Grant Recipients, Touring exhibitions Audience: General, secondary students, Students Located in: New Zealand, Pacific, Balclutha

New work being premiered in the New Zealand Festival on 28 February 2014, composed by Ross Harris, poetry by Vincent O'Sullivan and Taonga Puoro by Horomona Horo.

Topics: Music, Events, Maori, Classical Music, Performing Arts Audience: Families, secondary students, veterans, historians Located in: New Zealand, Wellington

A database of all Westland people who served during the First World War to support commemorations of Westland's role in the war, developed by Hokitika Museum.

Topics: Digital, Online Cenotaph, Community contribution Audience: Teachers, secondary students, Volunteers, historians, Family history researchers Located in: New Zealand, Hokitika

A blog for reviews of books on war written for children: stories that we need to remember, and should never forget.  

Topics: Websites, Publications, Education, Books Audience: Families, Teachers, Primary students, secondary students, General Located in: New Zealand, Wellington
Organised by: Philippa Werry

A student-based conference to be held at Christ's College, Canterbury, 9 May 2014; to help students understand the significance of the sacrifice made during the Great War.

Topics: Events, Education Audience: Teachers, secondary students Located in: New Zealand, Christchurch
Organised by: Christ's College, Canterbury

Digitising a wide selection of First World War letters and diaries held in the Manuscripts Collection of the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Topics: Personal stories, diaries, letters, Digital, Online Cenotaph Audience: Researchers, Tertiary students, secondary students Located in: New Zealand, Wellington

An online resource telling a modern and accessible story about the New Zealand Division's role at the Western Front.

Topics: New Zealand Division, Websites, Digital Audience: Teachers, secondary students, Descendants, Tourists, Organisations
Organised by: newzealanddivision.org