Commemorating Passchendaele, Celebrating Compassion - Tips and Ideas

28 July 2017 - 9:30am -- WW100

Palmerston North Libraries and Community Services

Check out the list below for ideas for events you could host to celebrate New Zealand's history of compassion, and tips on how to promote them to audiences online.

Have an idea we haven't listed here? Please share it below!

  • Organise a public talk - Know someone who could lead a talk about New Zealand's efforts here at home? Why not see if they could share their knowledge with your community through a public talk. This info on NZHistory is a good place to start.
  • Host a coin trail - You could host a coin trail to raise money for a local cause. During the First World War, New Zealand school children from Auckland and Wellington challenged each other to build a coin trail along the main trunk line.
  • Hold a concert - Concerts were a popular way to raise funds during the First World War.
  • Belgian food festival - The Belgians are known for their fries, waffles, chocolate and beer. You could hold a Belgian food festival with proceeds donated to a local charity.
  • Queen and King carnival - Queen carnivals were very popular during the First World War. Women would compete to raise the most money with the winner being crowned carnival queen.
  • Host a clothing drive - During the First World War donations of clothing poured in for displaced Belgians. You could host a clothing drive for a local charity.
  • Host a food drive - Or instead of clothes, encourage members of your community to donate food to a local food bank.
  • Parade through town - If you want to go all out, you could organise a parade to fundraise for a local charity.
  • Host a social - Socials and balls were also very popular fundraisers. You could host your own; perhaps it could be Belgium themed?
  • Promote your event on Eventfinda - If you do decide to host an event, be sure to list it for free on Eventfinda. That way it will appear here on the WW100 website and we might even promote it on social media.
  • Use #CelebrateCompassion on social media - Be sure to use the hashtag #CelebrateCompassion in any posts you make on social media. That way we'll be able to see it and can share it!

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