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Commemoration for the Fallen in the Gallipoli Campaign, Greece

A range of activities will be held in Lemnos, Greece, to commemorate the fallen in the Gallipoli campaign. 20-21 April 2016.

Official Schedule of Events, "Commemoration activities for the Fallen in the Gallipoli Campaign". 20-21 April 2016

Events on 20 April 2016, Portianou Village
17.00 Start of the «RUN FOR PEACE” race, which co organized with the Lemnos Athletic Team (Route: East Mudros Commonwealth War Cemetery - Portianou Commonwealth War Cemetery, 18,500m)
17.15 End of official turnout ( Place: the honorary memorial of Brigadier Stephen Saunders, ANZAC Str.)
17.20 Wreath Laying service from the North Aegean prefecture in the area of the official honorary memorial of Brigadier Stephen Saunders

Portianou Commonwealth War Cemetery
17.45 Memorial Service
18.00 Remembrance Ceremony and the fallen heroes’ call, to all those dead soldiers, nurses and assistants that participated at the Gallipoli Campaign and laid their bodies at the Lemnian soil. In cooperation with the Commonwealth War Grave Commission, the Athens War Museum, and ‘The Lemnos‘ Friends of ANZAC “ Association .
18.15 Wreath Laying service
18.30 Greetings from The Greek State Officials
18.30 Start of the “RUN FOR PEACE” race under the name “WE PARTICIPATE” which at this part is a symbolic race for the disabled team of the Lemnos Athletic Team. ( Route: Palaio Pedino Village-Portianou Village, 1000 m)
Tour in the cemetery

Portianou Cultural Center
Termination of the “RUN FOR PEACE” race and awards for the winners and all the volunteers.
19.00 Exhibition of photographic material from archives, specialized in WWI.
19.10 The official commencement of the international survey that was proposed at the World congress "WW1 in the Mediterranean-ANZAC and the role of Lemnos", by the Australian Archaeological Institution of Sydney, and which will be carried out in cooperation with various International and Greek institutions and universities. This will be the guide to help us comprehend the times which the Gallipoli Campaign took place, thus leading to a better understanding of the specific role played by each of the participating allies in Lemnos and Greece, as well. ( Co organized with the Lemnos Friends of ANZAC” Association), www.friendsofanzac.com

Events on 21 April 2016, Mudros

Mudros Cultural Center
10.15 Salutation from the President of the Mudros Cultural Association.
10.30 Exhibition of photographic materials and memorabilia of the 1915 period.
11.00 Detailed presentation of the International project: "Lemnos through the last 100 years - Facing the next 100 years of history". The presentation will be given by Professors of the Greek academic community who are already coordinating with international educational institutions with the main intention being, to activate the international community so that the mistakes of the past become a better guiding light for a more peaceful future. ( Co organized with the Lemnos Friends of ANZAC” Association).

Port of Mudros
12.00 Grand opening of the newly established Historical and Nautical tradition. information center, from the Lemnos Municipality. Wreath laying service at the Mudros commemorative plaque on the port (Optional).

Commonwealth War Cemetery of East Mudros
17.30 End of official turnout.
17.35 Memorial Service.
17.50 Wreath laying Service.
18.00 Greetings from Mrs Christianna Kalogirou, Governor of the North Aegean Region.
18.10 Greetings form Mr. Dimitrios Marinakis, Mayor of Lemnos.
18.20 Greetings of the representatives of the countries involved.
18.30 Greetings from the Athens War Museum representative.
18.45 Rhythms and tunes of the WW1 period ( Performed by Lemnian artists).
19.07 Army trumpet salute.
Tour in the cemetery.

During the days of the events
A) The Mudros Cultural Center , the Portianou Cultural Center and Portianou Traditional and Folklore Museum will be continuously open for the public
B) The Museums, archaeological sites, will also be open for visitors www.friendsofanzac.com

Download the programme
Download the programme as a PDF (500 KB)

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21 April 2016
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