WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

Please note this site has been archived


WW100 Community Guidelines

These guidelines form part of the Terms of Use for WW100.govt.nz.

We want the WW100 website to help New Zealanders and the rest of the world start to:

  • discover the history and stories of the First World War, from a New Zealand point of view
  • find out what we are doing to mark the centenary of this historical event. 

We want it to be a place where you can connect with others to plan your WW100 activities and to share information freely about what you intend to do.

To keep the website the kind of place that people want to return to, we therefore ask that you follow these simple ‘house rules’ for:


We encourage you to share and exchange ideas, opinions and information through the WW100 website.

WW100 staff and partners will review contributions, and moderate where necessary to maintain focus and ensure the community ‘house rules’ are respected. In some cases, activity descriptions will be edited to fit with the website style for effective communication. We are happy to discuss any changes with you if you are not happy with the published form.

We’ll try to make sure comments and contributions are public within 24 hours – but bear in mind that we mainly work between 9 am and 5 pm NZ time.

Our historical experts may join in occasionally, and will answer questions that the community cannot respond to. But we also have other professional responsibilities which mean that we have limited availability for extended dialogue. 

We reserve the right to publish free of charge, edit or remove any comments or contributions posted on the WW100 website on the grounds of breaching the ‘house rules’ or Terms of Use; and to block access if we need to.

Commenting on content

Show respect to others

Be polite and treat others with respect. Please do not swear or use insulting or offensive language in comments, replies or user names. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Stay on topic

Keep your comments relevant to the content or discussion.

No commercial promotion

You are welcome to post your opinions on specific commemorative activities, projects or products. But please don’t use the commenting function to promote or advertise products for your own gain, or on behalf of your employer or to make any other unauthorised commercial communications.

See also the guidelines for contributing to the commemorative activities register.

Use your judgement

The WW100 Programme Office can’t guarantee the accuracy or quality of other people’s comments – though we will do our best to point out inaccuracies if appropriate. You must use your own judgement.    

Copyright & privacy

Only post material that is yours, out of copyright, or where you have the express permission of the copyright owner to do so.

It is unacceptable to publicise anyone else’s contact details, or postal addresses and telephone numbers without their permission. Please only include general publicly available contact details for organisations, e.g. the address of a library or museum.


Think carefully before revealing personal information such as your personal email address. If you are under 16, never reveal any personal information.

No spamming, flooding or malicious links

The same or similar message posted more than once may be considered spam and removed. Flooding is posting the same or similar message over and over again to the same conversation: please don’t do this.

Use only appropriate and suitable URLs (website addresses) in your contributions. Links to commercial services or inappropriate content in comments will be deleted at the WW100 Programme Office’s discretion. 

Reporting abuse

If you see a comment you believe breaks these ‘house rules’ please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Government website

This website is managed by Manatū Taonga - Ministry for Culture & Heritage, which is a government department. Any comments made for party political purposes will not be published.

Sharing ideas, activities & projects

The purpose of this community area is to provide a forum where individuals, communities and organisations (including government agencies and businesses) can profile New Zealand activities and projects that further the below aims of the First World War centenary programme.

The same ‘house rules’ applied to commenting apply when sharing and discussing activities and projects, except with respect to commercial promotion in the context of Activities referred to below.

Objectives of the First World War centenary programme

Activities shared on the WW100 website should further the objectives of the WW100 programme:

  • Commemorate New Zealanders’ service and sacrifice in the First World War
  • Explore how New Zealanders’ war experiences helped to shape our distinct and evolving national identity and aspirations
  • Highlight New Zealand’s enduring commitment to peace, global security and international cooperation
  • Strengthen New Zealand’s bilateral relationships with Australia and all other participants in the First World War
  • Deepen understanding of the First World War by telling and preserving stories about New Zealanders’ war experiences at home and abroad
  • Provide a living legacy of the war’s impacts and on-going significance, so current and future generations are more informed.


Commemorative activities can be wide-ranging, from local projects to official state ceremonies.

You can use the WW100 symbol to identify your activity or project but you need to register and agree to the terms of use for the symbol before you can access it. The symbol cannot be used in relation to products and activities for commercial or financial gain.

Examples of activities we expect to be shared on the WW100 website include:

  • Creative projects or crafts
  • Research projects
  • Classroom activities
  • Publications and online resources
  • New memorials and monuments
  • Heritage tours and trails
  • Preservation, conservation or protection projects
  • Concerts, festivals or performances
  • Historical re-enactments
  • Commemorative events, parades and services
  • Sporting events
  • Exhibitions and new educational facilities (such as visitor centres or museums)
  • Funding, sponsorship opportunities, scholarships
  • Conferences, public talks, symposiums
  • Exchanges, competitions and so on
  • Other activities that further the aims of the First World War centenary programme.

Some commercial activities may also be acceptable where they further the aims of the centenary. You need our express permission to list these.

Having your activity linked to from the WW100 website is not an endorsement from the WW100 Programme Office, and we are not responsible or liable for your content or the way in which it is interpreted or used, or the results of such use.

We reserve the right to remove any activities that are considered in conflict with the aims of the First World War centenary programme.


Ideas are activities you want to suggest, discuss or collaborate on with others that further the aims of the WW100 programme.

The ideas forum is provided for you to connect with other organisations or individuals around possible First World War Centenary activities. It is not a forum to vent your frustrations, lobby the government for funding, or engage in commercial activity (e.g. selling products online).

Having your idea listed in the ideas forum is not an endorsement from the WW100 Programme Office, and we are not responsible or liable for your content or the way in which it is interpreted or used, or the results of such use.

We reserve the right to remove ideas and comments that do not follow the House Rules for commenting.


Links to an events calendar will be available soon for confirmed First World War centenary events that members of the public can attend.

Privacy & legal matters


When you submit a comment or an idea, your name is displayed. Protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information or contact details of either yourself or of others in the body of your comment.

Use of your content

In contributing content (comments, ideas and activity listings) to the WW100 website, you grant Manatū Taonga - Ministry for Culture and Heritage (which administrates the WW100 Programme Office) a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, and display your content without any obligation to compensate you.

You understand and agree that this can be redistributed in any format and through any channel.

New Zealand laws apply

New Zealand laws apply to the WW100 website. Please do not suggest or encourage illegal activity.

See our Terms of Use for further information.

Acknowledgements: These guidelines are based on the Consumer NZ community guidelines and the Vietnam War Oral History Project House Rules.