Discover WW1

Historian Ian McGibbon explains how he determined the number of men who actually lost their lives as a result of the attack on 12 October 1917.

Thanks to Wellington City Council and the Belgian Embassy, the generous support Elizabeth Pinfold gave to Belgium's First World War refugees are now permanently remembered.

How did the New Zealanders’ horrific experiences at Passchendaele change the mood of reporting in the Chronicles of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force?

Did you know that at the outbreak of the First World War, New Zealanders helped the Belgians and earned themselves a magnificent collection of paintings?

Some 43,500 men chose to appeal their conscription during the First World War – representing around one-third of those called-up. Why did this large group of New Zealanders fight to stay at home?

Did you know that in 1917 a German raider named SMS Wolf brought the war to New Zealand waters?

From weapon to domestic ware – what does this trench-art pitcher tell us about the First World War experience of Cook Islands soldier Terekia Taura?

Did you know that early on the morning of 7 June 1917, hundreds of New Zealand cyclists rode their bikes into battle over the muddy roads of the Western Front?

New Zealand soldiers are still remembered, even 100 years on, by the people of the Belgian town of Messines.

Hundreds of New Zealand men enlisted for war as bachelors, but embarked as husbands. What do these pre-departure weddings suggest about the wartime marriage habits?