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Did you know that the enemy at Gallipoli wasn't the 'Turks'?

When Britain declared war in August 1914, did this automatically mean New Zealand was also at war?

“This is the shrapnel bullet which wounded me on 31/12/16...”. Sarah Lang tells the story of John James Jackson.

Imelda Bargas contemplates how a ‘death register’ can transport people back into the lives of men and women who died nearly 100 years ago.

More than 100,000 pigeons are said to have served in the First World War, some from as far away as New Zealand.

David Green discovers we've been significantly underestimating the number of men who served on Gallipoli in New Zealand units.

Steve Watters questions how we might remember the whole war during the centenary, not just the Gallipoli landings.

The battlefield of Messines (Mesen), Belgium - then on 6 June 1917 and today on Google maps.