WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Dunedin's Great War

Toitū begins commemorations with an exhibition focusing on Dunedin during the First World War, and themes its Call to Arms military display to key war events. 1 August 2014-3 May 2015.

Otago Infantry Battalion march through Dunedin's Octagon, 1914

One hundred years ago Dunedin went to war. Thousands of citizens signed up to become soldiers. They fought and died at Gallipoli, in Palestine and on the Western Front in France and Belgium.
Almost 1,900 were killed, their remains left far from home. Those who returned came back changed forever, with scars in mind and body that marked the rest of their lives.
This year we remember their sacrifice and honour their memory.
Dunedin’s Great War explores the stories of enlistment and departure, conscientious objection and conscription, the horrors and honours of war. Learn of the relief efforts by those left at home, the tales of those who returned and the many fallen who did not.
Dunedin’s Great War is in the Temporary Exhibitions Gallery. Admission is free. The exhibition is open during normal Toitū Otago Settlers Museum hours.

The Journey of the Otagos
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Fund raising in support of the Belgian Relief Fund, 1914
Charge of the Otago Mounted Rifels at Messines by Matt Gouldie
New Zealand troops survey the wasteland of the Western Front, 1917
Otago soldier cooking at Gallipoli, 1915
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