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For Bravery in the Field - From Tauranga to the Trenches

Explore the story of Charles Southey, who was awarded the Military Medal for bravery following the Battle of Passchendaele.

Charles Southey

When Charles Southey's daughter asked her father why he was awarded his Military Medal for bravery at Passchendaele, he modestly replied that he 'wrote a good report'. Only years later did she learn the extent of his bravery.
For Bravery in the Field explores the life and experiences of 2nd Lieutenant Charles Southey, New Zealand Cycle Corps, during the First World War and acknowledges Southey as one of the fortunate ones who returned to Tauranga after the war. He went on to make a significant contribution to his home town, including becoming the headmaster of Tauranga District High School in 1942. 

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Charles Southey's Military Medal
For Bravery in the Field a Tauranga Boys College
For Bravery in the Field a Tauranga Boys College
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