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French show "L'Homme de Boue"

13 February 2018 - 4:41am -- Océane Pivoteau

A play, full of passion and dynamism created from real letters from the soldiers of the Great War
L'Homme de Boue, it's the story of the soldier, of all soldiers who have lived this terrible War, of these young men who left for an adventure that was much longer and disastrous than what one had been able to make them believe. 
Very touched by the story of New Zealand soldiers that are come to the other side of the world to fight, and who finally experienced the horror that the French soldiers, We would like to develop a project for those last few moments of commemorations. We'd like to bring this play in New Zealand and get a New Zealand shows in France. That there is a genuine exchange around the show whith local populations, to show that these soldiers were all together in "the same boat" in the face of a War that was not their own.
L'Homme de Boue exist since 2014 and was played in Paris and in many french cities. We have created a version of our show where the comedian was joined on stage by a horse, his only battle companion, and which was presented during a fantastical tour of the Castles of the Loire Valley. New Zealand has a real equestrian heritage, so we could offer this version of our show in partnership with a ranch in order to value this cultural aspect of the Country.
We are looking for help to develop this project (partners, theatre companies, riding stables, ...). If you want more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected] or [email protected] 
This play is supported by many people such as the director of Memorial of Internment and Deportation of Compiègne, the president of the association "Le Souvenir Français", the director of the Department of French Guiana to the National Office of Veterans and War Victims (ONACVG) and many others. 
Thank you for your attention!

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