Use the WW100 symbol

You are welcome to use the WW100 symbol to identify your New Zealand First World War centenary activities, but not for commercial or financial gain.

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The WW100 symbol is derived from the Flanders poppy: a sign of war remembrance the world over. The silver fern gives it a distinct New Zealand identity.

The symbol represents an "entry point" to First World War Centenary activities and information relevant to New Zealanders, such as participating in an event, visiting an exhibition or accessing an online resource.

It marks a place where people can get involved in WW100, increase their understanding of the First World War through a centenary activity, or explore the significance of the war to New Zealand.

If you are planning to mark your centenary activity or project as a WW100 New Zealand initiative, which we strongly encourage, please also add it to this website.

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Armistice centenary logo

We’ve developed an Armistice logo to create a visual thread linking centenary events and activities across New Zealand. Its arrows point to the past and to the future, representing the connections created throughout the centenary across generations and time.

Download the Armistice logo (5.5 MB)

Download the guidelines (PDF, 730 KB)

Download WW100 symbol guidelines (PDF 460 KB)

Read the Terms of Use

The WW100 Programme Office reserves the right to ask individuals to remove the WW100 symbol from their project if it is used in an inappropriate manner.

The symbol is not to be used for merchandising, or in association with projects for commercial or financial gain except those commissioned by the New Zealand government. Please contact us if you're not sure.