WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Hamilton 'They Also Serve' - Songs and Stories of NZ Women in World War One

Ilona Rodgers and Cathie Harrop and musicians, bring to towns around the country the stories and music of New Zealand women at home and abroad during the First World War.

Ilona Rodgers andn Cathie Harrop in WW1-era ambulance

Ilona Rodgers, Cathie Harrop and musicians, take you back to the days of WW1 and the part, which is now so often forgotten, of the women here and overseas during those years of war.
They will remember in story and music the hardships and the good times that women went though, while their menfolk were away for a long time, or forever .
Most people remember the knitting of which there must have been endless miles of, but who recalls the fantastic fundraising - the Carnival Queens- the leather waistcoats and more and more? We should be reminded of, admire and enjoy, the wonderful women who made up the largest part of our population in 1914 to 1918 and kept the country going  until men arrived back, and together with the women they built the country into the 1920s.
'They Also Serve', as well as presenting and performing researched work of the activities of New Zealand women during the First World War, will also continue to add to their research and extend their programme by spending time after all performances with audience members who may have information and stories handed down through their families.
It is our intention to eventually pass our research to the Auckland War Memorial Museum Library for open use.
Further information and pictures can be seen on cathieharrop.com

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THey Also Serve Riverlea Theatre
Ilona Rodgers and Cathie Harrop
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