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Home Front symposium

The 13th Annual Symposium of the Costume & Textile Association of New Zealand will be held at Auckland War Memorial Museum, 30-31 May 2014. The theme is 'Home Front'.

‘The Home Front’ came into use during the First World War as an informal term for the civilian population of a nation at war serving as an active support system for their armed forces. Although this term generally refers to the supply and production of war equipment, it also encompasses the provision of warm clothing and food parcels sent by women to their men folk at the front, and the efforts of a local population depleted by man power to keep the nation supplied with essential goods and food stuffs.
During war time and other crises, an attitude of ‘Making Do’ prevailed to counter shortages of every-day essentials, relying on practices of making, mending, thriftiness, re-use and recycling in the domestic realm, often with great attention given to individual style and design.
In the spirit of making in relation to the home sphere, we invite you to consider the theme ‘Home Front’ in the broadest possible sense: fundraising pageants; coupon chic; mending and recycling; siren suits; demob. attire; therapy crafts; hostess gowns; interior decor - whatever you think fits the bill.
Symposium queries to Angela Lassig at [email protected]/

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