WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Images of war recreated from contemporary collages

Challenge to recreate a poster that uses historical images, maps and new photographs taken at museums and other special sites remembering those who gave their lives in the First World War.

Camera used during WW1

For students, a challenge to create a poster (A3) that uses attributable images from the First World War period, interspersed with your own photographs of appropriate locations and items related to the First World War.
The poster to be finished (overlaid) with a quote, either personal or from elsewhere (attributable).
Use Photoshop or other Graphic Software to create your poster and save as 300dpi+ JPEG, either in colour or black and white (with the WW100 New Zealand symbol in colour). 
Posters will either be exhibited or shown on our website.

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Cameracraft Auckland
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