WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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History from the perspective of New Zealanders who experienced it. Daily quotes from diaries, letters, newspapers... shared in 'real-time' exactly 100 years later.

Fred Welch's diary

30 July 1919

Wrote R McGordon Pahiatua re J Comptons property at Woodville. Advised Compton re same. . https://t.co/WL3lWeYwZa via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

29 July 1919

Mr S D Thompson in & gave me full information about his block near Kawhia. . https://t.co/xIEXLsGaXA via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

27 July 1919

Showery day. Did some apple pruning. Took ponies over to Cousin Bert Welch’s for a feed of grass. . https://t.co/xY8uzxyAkj via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

26 July 1919

Saw Holmwood who advised me that Prior had wired to say that they would buy Brightwells property. . https://t.co/prGCy9ZGmt via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

25 July 1919

Fine day. At office. Drake in re purchase of Falloon’s cottage. . https://t.co/dEennaQBbr via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

24 July 1919

Bern went up to Mikimiki with Will Te Tau to look over McLachlans farm which he said he would buy. . https://t.co/hf1bMHYGis via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

23 July 1919

Rain. At office. Cold wet day & nothing much doing. . https://t.co/APZQbMtxyR via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

22 July 1919

Puhara Te Tau & his son Will & his brother Tai Te Tau came in to town to go up to Miki - Miki with me. . https://t.co/yiTtwbFG4y via @FPWelchdiaries

Fred Welch's diary

21 July 1919

General holiday kept throughout the Dominion for further Peace Celebrations principally for children. . https://t.co/bhDwJwMYCi via @FPWelchdiaries