WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Luck of the Draw – The Fading Puppet, An Unwanted Sacrifice

By Akshay Dongardive ft. The Disciples

Part of the Luck of the Draw project

The Fading Puppet dance represents the two players in the conscription ballot: the powerful government and the powerless conscripted soldier. The government is portrayed as dominating and upright. The soldier is merely a puppet, manipulated into wielding a gun and going into battle against his will. Even after he has fallen, the only place the soldier can fall is onto the government’s shoulders. The dance weaves Indian and Kiwi culture, drawing on hip hop and Bollywood music and dance influences. Choreography by Akshay Dongardive, dance performance by The Disciples ft Akshay and Anish Patel with music track PUshing Blocks Bhangra Remix ft Raashi Malik by Rhombus Production.

About Akshay

Akshay’s interest in dance was sparked after watching a Bollywood film as a young boy in India. After moving to New Zealand in 2003 he joined a Bollywood dance class. 

The move to New Zealand opened a new world of hip hop to Akshay and it wasn’t long before he realised he was spending more time watching dance videos than doing his homework. He followed dancers of several styles based around hip hop, pop ‘n’ lock and b-boying. 

Akshay went on to perform Bollywood and hip hop dance throughout New Zealand as a member of the 50/50 dance group. After meeting dancer Anish Patel, the two went on to form Yin Yang, performing in several events and competitions. Akshay and Anish now perform as The Disciples.

The Disciples

Akshay Dongardive and Anish Patel founded The Disciples in 2016 having both danced with 50/50 hip hop Bollywood fusion dance crew as well as one of Auckland's renowned Bollywood dance schools Indiance.

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