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Mt Hutt & Methven districts 'Fallen & Survivors' website

Creating a website on the 'Fallen’ named on the Mt Hutt District Memorial Arch, Methven, and ‘The Survivors’ who returned to live in Methven area.

Methven memorial.

The Mt. Hutt District Memorial Arch, situated at the entrance to the Methven Primary School, was officially unveiled on 11 February, 1930 as a tribute to 69 men who died during the First World War or soon after discharge from service.  Many more men either volunteered or were conscripted in to the military and served overseas.
This website project aims to provide background, information on each of the 69, known as “The Fallen, and compile a list of other soldiers who left New Zealand for overseas service and returned.  Some of those who returned had no prior association with the district but settled in Methven and the surrounding area at some point.  Those 130 servicemen are defined as “The Survivors”.
In all, the project will list details on more than 200 personnel, including their district associations, service details and burial location.  Where possible photographs of individuals will be posted, along with their graves.
In some cases a detailed commentary will be added to the basic details.
The project will invite contributions from families and the public in an effort to compile more information about each individual.  These will form part of a supporting commentary.
Commencing in 2015 an event will be organised each year to honour men who lost their lives a century earlier.  These events will continue through until 2018.

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Methven memorial
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