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Never Forget
Never Forget

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day. It is a moment in time, and the project intends to capture the thoughts and actions of Australians and New Zealanders a century after the landings at Gallipoli. It is intended that at 0500, on April 25th 2015, from every Anzac Day Ceremony held globally, all Australians and New Zealand citizens can upload an image of themselves (Selfie) along with a summary of what Anzac Day means to them. The image and story will be captured on a world map, and provide a tapestry of events and activities that are being undertaken at that time by the modern Anzac generation.

Once completed, the entire digital collection will be donated to the Australian and New Zealand War Memorials. It can then be used by historians, social academics and the general public to view a snapshot of Australasian society 100 years after the landings. Using the images and stories a series of videos and books will be produced to complement the electronic catalogue, and help showcase the modern meaning of Anzac Day. All profits generated from the sale of these products will be donated to a group of veteran based charities.

Who is Never Forget? Never Forget is for anybody who holds an Australian or New Zealand passport. It is for people who enjoy and appreciate our way of life, and seeks to remember and thank those who have served their country to protect our freedoms. Never Forget is not about glorifying war. It is about celebrating peace and freedom. Never Forget wants to digitally create a great social tapestry of a moment in time, by all Australians and New Zealanders for all Australians and New Zealanders. It is intended to be a collection of both the small stories as well as the large. Stories from the country towns, cattle stations, the cities and at Gallipoli, Kokoda, Hellfire Pass, Long Tan and anywhere else where thoughts will turn on Anzac Day 2015. There will be stories of sadness, loss, joy, anger and pride. All give meaning to the modern collective thought that is Anzac Day today, and all are precious in national memory. More than anything, this is the people’s history, recorded for history.

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