WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Offer of help to identify uniforms, personal equipment and related items

Helping to date New Zealand items of militaria and period photos from the First World War.

Standard issue 1908 pattern infantry web set. (battle order)

As a student, researcher, author and collector of New Zealand military collectibles I am offering to help anyone or any institution with the identification of artefacts and photos.
The uniforms worn, the equipment carried and the badges shown can all help to identify and date a photo. Most uniform and items of equipment can easily be identified and the item or photo placed in the best suited period, theme, country or action.
I am the co-author of New Zealand Personal Equipment 1910-1945, ISBN 0-9582535-9-5 and New Zealand Army Uniforms and Clothing 1910-1945, ISBN 978-1-877427-19-0. Also The New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWII. ISBN 978-1-78096-111-8
I have helped individuals and museums throughout New Zealand and Australia with New Zealand theme displays and item identification.
Please email me at barryli[email protected] to see if I can help. 
Barry O'Sullivan

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PH gas hood haversack, commonly seen in WW1 photos
Leather bandolier, worn by mounted services.
Other Ranks SD jacket, with coloured braid
Hat, Felt, with peaked crown. After WW2 they were known as a lemonsqueezer.
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