WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Our Brave in Front of Us, Maniototo

A photographic display collated of all servicemen and women who served in the First World War from the Maniototo County, Central Otago.

Tpr DW Inder-Otago Mounted Rifles, Naseby

My project is to gather and copy photographs of all servicemen and women who served in the First World War from the Maniototo, Central Otago. For the size of our district at the time we had a large number sign up and go away to serve. Many served with the Otago Mounted Rifles. Most publications available have lists of names who served, so I would like to put faces to the names all in one place.
I want this display to be a visual display so our communities and visitors to our district can see the faces of our brave men and women right in front of us, not just names and serial numbers on a list. Each photograph will be accompanied with a plaque with the soldiers basic details such as: Service numbers, Rank, Name. Then a paragraph containing the places they served and where in our district they came from and what occupation they held at the time of enlisting.
Along with the individual photographs of these brave people I will have photographs of these soldiers while serving during the war. Whether it is group photo's or further individual photo's while away from home and during the war, it will be a full display of the service, sacrifice and significance to the Maniototo district.
I would like to hear from the Maniototo families of these brave men and women. If you have a favourite photograph or photographs of your soldier and you are happy to have it involved with this display please contact me at:  [email protected]

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Sample Draft for each individual.
A group of Naseby Soldiers shortly before their Galipolli Landing.
Group of Otago Soldiers 1915
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