WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Remembering first student soldiers at Lincoln University

Lincoln University is undertaking various WW100 projects on an on-going basis through the centenary period, starting with a photograph unveiling ceremony on Monday 4 August 2014.

Historian Bill Barnes of Lincoln explains the origins of the First World War at the launch of Lincoln University’s WW100 commemoration activities.

Lincoln University launched its involvement in New Zealand’s First World War centenary commemorations (WW100) on Monday 4 August 2014, the anniversary of the date in 1914 when war began between Britain and Germany.
Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Communities, Professor Hirini Matunga, declared the start of the University’s WW100 activities in a ceremony in the Library at which a heritage photograph of the first eight students to enlist for service overseas in 1914 was unveiled.
The large framed photograph, dating from 1914, was unveiled by Major Ian Barrett of the New Zealand Defence Force and University Library representative, Roger Dawson, a Senior Research Advisor. It will hang in the Library for the duration of 2014 and the Alumni and Development Office will try to trace descendants of the students and bring them into contact with the University today.
Before the unveiling, military historian Bill Barnes of Lincoln explained the complex events in Europe that led to the First World War. Later, retired University senior lecturer Vern Clark spoke of the impact of service in the First World War by staff and students on subsequent generations at Lincoln.
The students shown in the photograph are Robin Tudor Barlow, Alan Wilson Duncan, Thomas Edridge, Richard Henry Kember, Leslie Ivan Manning, Christopher Musgrave, Alan Duncan Stitt, and Gerald Wilde. All except Manning sailed from Lyttelton for Egypt on 16 October 1914, as members of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion. 
If any of the names are known to readers, please contact Lincoln University Heritage Writer Ian Collins, Alumni and Development Office, Lincoln University, telephone (03) 4230010 DDI; mobile
021 02449637; or email [email protected].

For further information about Lincoln University's WW100 activities, contact:
Ian Collins, Heritage Writer
Alumni and Development Office,
Lincoln University
Tel: (03) 423 0010; mobile 021 02449637
Email: [email protected]

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Historian Bill Barnes of Lincoln explains the origins of the First World War at the launch of Lincoln University’s WW100 commemoration activities.
Senior Research Advisor Roger Dawson of Lincoln University’s Library (left) and Major Ian Barrett of the NZ Defence Force prepare to unveil the heritage photograph at Lincoln University’s WW100 launch ceremony.
Retired Lincoln University staff member and World War Two veteran Vern Clark addresses the Lincoln University WW100 launch ceremony.
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