margaret Nicholls

Thought it would be a nice idea to do what England is doing .
It is called Tower of London (anyone can look at it) They have a dedication page and can add the donation 20, 25 or 50 pounds,
For this donation you get to put your relative's photo up and say what he did in the war etc. Then you see them displayed among all the poppies along with all other soldiers that family have put on the site with a story about each one on where they served etc.
It is a wonderful site and the money they get goes to charities like RSA , people that have been injured in past wars. etc.
I think it would be a great idea to do some thing like this. in NZ.
So you all know what i am talking about please feel free to go the TOWER OF LONDON SITE click on dedications put in my name, margaret Nicholls and up will come my Father Frederic Birch and then close this and you will see him among the poppies with all other soldiers . The family gave me the gift for christmas and I think its money well spent for remembering our men that served in the great war and the money given to charity
Margaret Nicholls

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