WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Salute Wairoa

Salute Wairoa creates a digital, multi-media, touch table record of First World War Wairoa stories, including rediscovered memories. Unveiled at Wairoa Museum in July 2018.

Salute Wairoa will create a digital, multi-media touch table record of First World War stories, by researching the stories of First World War service people from Wairoa, with emphasis on our Māori veterans.
Many of these rediscovered stories will come alive visually on this interactive 'Touch Table of Memories'.
Recent community consultation has identified a strong desire for state-of-the-art technology for our community, especially youth, to explore local stories in a relevant and visual way.
The interactive multi-media touch table is state-of-the-art technology, which is only just being introduced into this country. It is light, durable and portable. We have assembled a team with the experience, skills and the tools to present our people’s stories on this interactive touch table.

What is a touch table?
A touch table is like a giant iPad, the size of trestle table, which can be operated simultaneously by one to eight people. Information is accessed by the touch of the finger – and visuals, photographs, films, letters, telegrams, cards and mementos reveal local social history and life experiences.
Visitors on approaching the touch table are presented with hundreds of moving historical photos floating before them, and occasionally sinking into the black depths. 
Using one hand, you may then pull up one of the photos towards the edge of the table, whereupon the story of the photo is revealed.
Each photo is associated with a service person’s name, and some background or testimony of that service person. The user may then choose to view photographs in a collection that is closely related, perhaps from the same family, battleground or area.
There will also be a Hall of Honour  –  with 350 category labels at the side of the table if visitors wish to find a specific person or ancestor, accessible by a simple finger touch.
The interactive touch table gives people a device to learn and delve deeper with 1-8 people using it simultaneously. The touch table will provide assistance for educators to deliver the curriculum to Primary School children. The touch table can be transported to and used in schools. Children can demonstrate to older people how the touch table works, creating an opportunity to share stories.

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July 2014
July 2018
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