WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Student medal design project

A 2015 Diploma of Goldsmithing & Jewellery student project to design and make a medal with both face and obverse face commemorating New Zealand’s First World War Centenary.

Medal design by current level 5 Diploma student: Abigail Steel

Students must respectfully design and hand make a medal that reflects on the contributions New Zealand made and by those who served. Research must show an understanding of the topic and its legacy.
Students enrolled in the 2015 Diploma of Goldsmithing & Jewellery, will be asked to complete the above body of work as the first term's design & make project. The project will be compulsory for all students in that year. All work must confirm to the design parameters and the term and conditions set in the exercise by the School. All research material used must be factual and presented with the design.

Design parameters
The medal design must: Have a relief profile on the face & obverse. Be complex in its design. Include lettering on at least one side that clearly represents the person, place or event it records. Be made on a base no thicker than 2mm. Have an overall depth no greater than 6mm. Be no greater than 60mm in overall dimensions.  
The design may be: Made in brass, copper and or silver. Plated to achieve a required finish stated in the design. Geometrical or freeform. Mounted using a medal bar brooch & ribbon (Must be supported by research & be appropriate to the design).

Display of work
After assessment, elements of the design & the medals will be posted on the ww100.govt.nz as an activity completed by you at the School, for New Zealand’s First World War Centenary. They will also be placed on the School's website along with the use of WW100 symbol & links. All work will notate the maker, materials used and a short caption on what the medal represents. 
It is important to note: All work must be within the Terms & Conditions of use of the WW100 symbol that the School has agreed to. No design will be approve or assessed on completion of it falls outside of these terms & conditions nor will it be placed on these platforms.

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Medal design by current level 5 Diploma student: Rachel MacMillan
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