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An exhibition of works by Wellington artist Rebecca Holden that celebrates the eight NZ women who ran Aotea Convalscent home in Egypt. Runs from September-November in Masterton and Whanganui.

Topics: nurses, Fine Art, Exhibitions, Events, Armistice Located in: New Zealand, Masterton, New Zealand, Wanganui
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A First World War-era dance extravaganza held at Wanganui Intermediate, Whanganui. 25 June 2016.

Topics: Music, dance Audience: General Located in: New Zealand, Wanganui

Historian Steve Watters investigates the reaction to the introduction of conscription in New Zealand in this lecture at Whanganui's Davis Theatre on 19 April 2016.

Topics: Public Talks & Tours, Events, History, Conscription Audience: General, historians Located in: New Zealand, Wanganui
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Photographer Laurence Aberhart's exhibition of war memorials at Whanganui's McNamara Gallery captures the historical form given to communal experience of loss and grief. 8-29 May 2015.

Topics: Photography, Exhibitions, Events, Memorials, Monuments Audience: General, Arts appreciators Located in: New Zealand, Wanganui

Letters From The Front is a musical revue that follows one family’s hopes, fears, love and loss during wartime. At Whanganui's Amdram Musical Theatre, 26-26 April 2015.

Topics: Events, Musicals, Theatrical performances, Performing Arts, Anzac Day 2015 Audience: General, Music lovers, theatre goers Located in: New Zealand, Wanganui
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Restoring the First World War memorial to Maori soldiers in Moutoa Gardens (Pakaitore) Historic Reserve.

Moutoa Gardens memorial (Photo: Janine Faulknor)
Topics: Memorials, Monuments, Lottery Grant Recipients, Facilities, Anzac Day 2015 Audience: local visitors, General, Descendants Located in: New Zealand, Wanganui