The Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol, UK

Mary Ingoldby
The Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol, UK

I am the researcher for Postcards From a War Hospital, an Esme Fairbairn project at The Glenside Hospital Museum Bristol UK. This project is researching the patients and staff 1914-1918 at The Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol. The medical records were destroyed in the 1920s, so we are identifying patients from names in several autograph books which we found in archives in Australia and the UK. So far we have discovered four New Zealanders. I have downloaded their service records from the NZ archives.

Arthur George Halliday Wilson 10/2474

Frank Le Blanc Newbery 4/918 (he was admitted to hospital in Birmingham, the owner of the book,Miss Witts - a masseur - also worked there)

Fabian Sperry 13/461

Hector McKenzie

I attach Fabian Sperry's autograph for your information/archives.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who may have had a relative at Beaufort, and perhaps has a postcard, letter or even diary.

Our website is a work in progress but you can look through the gallery of postcards and perhaps you may identify somebody.

Mary Ingoldby
Postcards From a War Hospital.

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