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The Long Road Home – walking for PTSI

A walk for charity in January 2019 in memory of our troops' return from the Great War, to raise funds for people suffering Post Traumatic Stress Injury.

NZMRCT promoting the efforts of the ANZACs

In 1919-1922 New Zealand troops returned home from the First World War.
Most were able to reintegrate into society, but some were so traumatised that they found themselves unable to return to normal society, living a transient life. They felt abandoned, hopeless, useless and segregated from their fellow countrymen. In the 1920s, suicide rates spiked amongst these veterans. 100 years later we know this as Post Traumatic Stress Injury [aka PTSD].
In January a group of 32 men and women, some serving, others ex-services and a few with PTSI, will travel in period uniform on foot or on horseback 111km through the remote Rainbow Station in New Zealand.
Our aim is to bring awareness of this condition, dispel the myths and to raise funds to support those facing hardships due to PTSI.
A letter of support from the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association underscores the seriousness of the plight of veterans, victims and survivors today – not only in the armed services, but also in civilian emergency services and of survivors of abuse, disaster and rape.
As we face the centenary of the First World War troops' return, we will raise awareness of the 'lost heroes' from both the First and Second World Wars, as well as Korea, Malaya, Vietnam and current conflicts from all countries involved and to send a message – that those who suffer the condition of PTSI are not abandoned, forgotten or alone and that we do remember them.
They will not walk alone.
We are also raising funds for the journey ahead and looking for sponsors. Surplus funds will go to the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust. These excess funds will be made available to assist Families and Individuals experiencing PSTI hardships.
Lest We Forget.

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