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The Turkish view of the Gallipoli campaign - public talk

Author and historian Dr John Basarin tours New Zealand for a series of presentations about the Turkish view of the Gallipoli campaign 1915. 23-28 March 2014.

Dr John Basarin

About Dr Basarin
Dr John Basarin first visited Gallipoli as a 10-year old Turkish boy. “My father said to me, ‘Son, this is where Turkey was born’, pointing to the hills of Gallipoli,” he says. “Little did I know on the other side of the world, in what was to become by adopted country, Australian people felt the same.”
Since he migrated to Australia in 1973, Dr Basarin has become a well known and popular speaker on the subject of Gallipoli and has co-authored six books in both English and Turkish. He has also written many articles and conference papers on his research and been awarded a PhD by Deakin University. Dr Basarin is a frequent television and radio guest offering expert opinion on Gallipoli.

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