WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Ticker tape on WW100 to commemorate Gallipoli fatalities


A ticker tape at the bottom of the WW100 website displayed the names of New Zealand's Gallipoli fatalities on the centenary of their death during the campaign.

A soldier standing by a cemetery at Anzac Cove during the late stages of the Gallipoli Campaign. Wairarapa Archive, 11-72/4-2-19.

To commemorate the New Zealand Expeditionary Force's fatalities from Gallipoli, the WW100 website created a ticker tape feature which displayed the names of those troops who died as a result of the campaign exactly one century ago. The dates of New Zealand's 2779 fatalities were ascertained from research data provided by historian Richard Stowers, which he used in his publication Bloody Gallipoli.
The ticker tape was designed to change day by day, displaying names of New Zealand's Gallipoli dead on that date they died exactly one hundred years ago. 
WW100 worked with Auckland War Memorial Museum to collect complementary from the Online Cenotaph database. By clicking the names that appeared each day users would open a link to their entry on Cenotaph.

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A screenshot of the ticker tape on the WW100 homepage
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