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To explore the Le Quesnoy-New Zealand connection, the French Department at the University of Waikato are organising a conference in the French town on 2 & 3 November 2018.

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A comprehensive programme of lectures, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, performances and official commemorations in Le Quesnoy and open to the public around Anzac Day.

Topics: Anzac Day 2018, France, Overseas activities, Overseas events, Commemorations
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Citizens of the nations affected by the First World War are invited to take part in a weekend of remembrance and reconciliation in the French town of Reims on June 22-24 2018.

Topics: Commemorations, Ceremonies, Overseas activities, Overseas events Audience: General, general audiences
Organised by: Reims 2018

Journey's End, a play by Passchendaele playwright R C Sherriff based on his experience in the trenches, is showing in Ypres, Belgium in a recreated bunker from 10 October to 12 November 2018. 

Topics: Theatre, Re-enactments, Overseas events, Passchendaele, Overseas activities Audience: veterans, secondary students, Teachers, Individuals / Families, historians

A sculptural work in memorial to the grievous losses of the First World War and a reflection on the idea of 'victory' in war. Now exhibiting in Europe.

Topics: Fine Art, Overseas activities, Overseas events, Lottery Grant Recipients, Messines Audience: local visitors, Tourists Located in: New Zealand, France, Belgium, Dunedin, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Gisborne, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Nelson
Organised by: Helen Pollock