WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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Walking the way of Albert Londres, major First World War reporter

An opportunity for journalism students to take part in an intercultural learning programme around First World War historical sites. August 2014, Belgium and France.

Albert Londres, father of the great report, born in Vichy

This project will allow students in journalism and communication training - including from New Zealand - to take part from 1 August to 17 August 2014 (the beginning of the First World War) in an intercultural and professionalising itinerary around the areas of the First World War. Culture of Peace, multiculturalism, French-German dialogue, Europe will all be examined.
The students and their professional coaches (communication specialists and journalists) will work like a small international news room. According to their skills (writing papers, video, radio, photography...) each student will find a place within the group, divided into 3 poles: Written, Web, Video.
Like in the actual media, the young reporters will aim to report on events each day, with research of originality and specificity in the same spirit as Albert Londres and undertaking all the steps: news room conference, choice of quite precise angles, field work and finalisation of the reportings until the publication on the website.
Specialists of written press, television, photography and Web will support and help the participants. Workshops, before the departure, will have prepared a series of themes and subjects to be treated. Coaches, with their professional knowledge, will help the participants to sharpen their critical faculty, to carry out a reflexion on the information processing and to prepare them for their professional future.
Mini-reports (audio, written, video) will be diffused regularly. During the preparation and at the time of the itinerary, contacts will be taken with French, German and Belgian regional or national media partners, to enlarge those diffusions. Furthermore, each day, the reportings will be published on the Web site.
From history-steeped places, linked with the Albert Londres’s reportings, with archives photographs and about a topic, it will be possible to carry out reports making it possible to make revive the memory of the places, while connecting the past and the reality of today.
The end of the itinerary will lead to the production of a 52’ documentary (DVD) and a booklet with photographs and texts of report.
This project will form part of the First World War centenary commemorations. It will also form part of the Franco-German friendship, two nations that marked deeply and mark always today, the history of Europe. It is one of the objectives of this project which carries also a European ambition: if the French-German friendship is decisive for the future of the European Union, this must be built also with the others European and world countries, involved in the First World War.
We welcome students from New Zealand on the programme.

In France:

  • Nord-Pas de Calais
  • Somme
  • Marne
  • Lorraine
  • Alsace

In Belgium 

  • Ieper

For more information contact Jean-Marc Deschamps, [email protected]

This activity is being worked on from
1 August 2014
17 August 2014
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