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Women's Involvement in WW1

16 December 2013 - 11:23pm -- Hilary Lapsley

The Women's Studies Association of New Zealand (WSA) is just starting to discuss holding one or more local events (Auckland, Wellington and perhaps elsewhere) to explore women's involvement in WW1 and the wider topic of women and war. WSA is an organisation promoting feminist scholarship and activism: www.wsanz.org.nz.  Contact the convenor, Hilary Lapsley ([email protected]), if you have ideas for or are interested in getting involved in planning such an event. Topics could include women's war work, women's service, Ettie Rout, Te Puea Herangi, role of war in stimulating feminist organisations such as Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, violence against women in wartime, contemporary pacifism, women in the armed services, lesbian women in wartime, etc etc. An event could include speakers (feminist scholars, writers, activists), film, choir performance, artwork, relevant groups, and so on. This is just at the beginning stages but we do not see any other organisations promoting events centred on women (apologies if this is incorrect - if you're out there, we'd like to hear from you in order to publicise you when our website is revamped in April 2014).

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Submitted by Sir John Holms on

See NZ Military Nurses or research for the NZ Nurses who upon not being permitted to join up decided to pay their way to Great Britain and enlist with the Stationary Hospitals over there. But Lesbian Women in post-Victorian NZ?? I don't think so! Most women were were either married or widows of large families trying to keep things together. Mind you there were some dodgers who hastily married women.