WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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WW1 Inquiry Class, Sacred Heart Girls' College, New Plymouth

An Inquiry class for Year 10 students. The students will be encouraged to research and create a project on an aspect of the First World War.

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, we have offered an Inquiry class option to Year 10 students. This class will focus on the significance of the war to New Zealand and the world.
We will begin the year with formal teaching classes on the events and significance of the First World War. The focus of the year, however, will be the girls’ individual assignments on an area of their choice relating to the First World War. The first task for this will be a research assignment, investigating any aspect that interests them (family histories, the Home Front etc.). The final project of the year will be a presentation of their findings, or another area of interest to them relating to the the war. 
We envision the girls using their individual talents to create ‘something’. This ‘something’ may be an item of clothing that would have been worn at the time, a care package for a soldier, a song, an artwork, a diary/story, a blog, a family history… We are excited to see what the girls create to commemorate this important event.
At present we have 27 girls taking this option in 2014.

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28 January 2014
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