WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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WW100 Armistice Memorial Wall and Garden Stanmore Bay School

My Y6 students studied World War One & Walking With An ANZAC. We decided to create a memorial mural based on our learning, chose the wall behind our flagpole and the garden it sat in.

WW100 Armistice Day Memorial Wall and Garden

WW100 Armistice Memorial Wall and Garden was inspired by an indepth study during Term 1 on WW100 and Walking With AN ANZAC Project. Year 6 students from Room 13 Stanmore Bay School painted the wall and planted a new garden. Several poppies have names of major military engagements that NZ soldiers fought during WW1. 4 Silhouettes are a Kiwi, Fern (with We will remember them in Te Reo Maaori), a soldier at rest and a family. 4 crosses are at the top with words on them, Understanding, Peace, Never Forget and Kindness. The garden has rosemary for remembrance as well as other plants in it. A new pathway that leads to the flagpole was added to make it easier to put the flag up without stepping on the garden.

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WW100 Armistice Day Memorial Wall
WW100 Armistice Day Memorial Wall and Garden
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