WW100 – New Zealand's First World War Centenary Programme ran from 2014 to 2019

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WW100 Posters and Flags

We've created a set of six poster and flag designs for you to use in your commemorative activities. They're visually captivating, fit the major themes of the centenary, and are free to download at the bottom of this page.

The posters and street pole flag designs are available to download separately in the files below. They are available for everyone to download as PDFs with a bleed, and PDFs with a margin around the edges. They are also available as packaged InDesign files that you will be able to open only if you have Adobe's Creative Suite installed. 


The flags are to be used by event organisers to indicate their own WW100 activity. For example, councils may use them on their city flag poles to support their programmes, event organisers might use them on their venues, corporates on their buildings. They are to be flown in the correct year, to represent WW100 centenary activities.

The posters are designed to be used by anyone – especially community groups or organisations – to promote their First World War centenary commemorative events.

Specific unusual uses should be approved on a case by case basis (please contact us by email if unsure about use).

You are welcome to add information about your own commemorative event or project to the posters. However please do not amend the design of the street pole flags without contacting the WW100 Programme Office first.

2014: Duty and adventure

2015: The Anzac connection

2016: Transition - a national war effort

2017: The grind of war

2018: The darkness before the dawn

2019: Finding our way back