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A self-drive guide available in Christchurch on 24 October 2015 locates memorials commemorating the nurses who drowned on the Marquette in 1915. 

A blog for reviews of books on war written for children: stories that we need to remember, and should never forget.  

Upcoming Events

Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland

Fri 9 Oct 2015 – Sun 11 Oct 2015

Te Papa, Wellington

Fri 9 Oct 2015 – Mon 25 Apr 2016

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington

Fri 9 Oct 2015 – Sun 11 Nov 2018

Dominion Museum Building, Wellington

Fri 9 Oct 2015 – Sun 31 Jan 2016

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Warfare, both at home and abroad, has shaped the way New Zealand defines itself. A rich collection of different kinds of writing about different kinds of war, including the First World War, will be launched on 1 October 2015.

Auckland Council is calling for expressions of interest to design a memorial in Auckland Domain that will mark the centenary commemorations of the First World War.



History from the perspective of New Zealanders who experienced it. Daily tweets from diaries, letters, newspapers... shared 100 years later in 'real-time'.

CS Clarke's Diary

9 October 1915

Mrs George Knaggs was buried in the cemetery at 2.30pm. via @csclarke_diary


9 October 1915

SUPPOSED MURDER AND SUICIDE - The cook's story - Ashburton Guardian, 9 October 1915 via @PapersPastNZ

Auckland Weekly News

8 October 1915

New Zealanders' trophies at the Dardanelles: some unexploded... via @AkWeeklyNews


8 October 1915

ENQUIRY REGARDING A WOMAN'S DEATH - Evening Post, 8 October 1915 via @PapersPastNZ


8 October 1915

PARLIAMENTARY GOSSIP - Taranaki Daily News, 8 October 1915 via @PapersPastNZ

Corp. William McCaw

8 October 1915

Given papers & gifts. Found my photo in the weeklies & a bio in the Otago Witness. "Some men attain greatness; others..." via @McCaw_diary