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The Onward Project aims to publish a photograph of every member of the NZEF who served overseas during the First World War, as a memorial to their service.


Online and mobile historical content, plus improving New Zealand-related information and signage at overseas battlefields and associated museums.

Upcoming Events

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington

Sat 18 Apr 2015 – Sat 25 Apr 2015

Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland

Wed 22 Apr 2015 – Sat 25 Apr 2015

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington

Fri 24 Apr 2015

Palmerston North Railway Station, Palmerston North

Sat 25 Apr 2015

Latest News

WW100 New Zealand’s First World War Centenary is presenting a national programme that marks 100 years since the landings on the Gallipoli peninsula. The programme will explore New Zealand experiences at home and at war; and the beginning of our Anzac connection.

Movie making meets museum storytelling in the film capital, with two extraordinary exhibitions opening in April 2015 as part of First World War centenary commemorations. 



History from the perspective of New Zealanders who experienced it. Daily tweets from diaries, letters, newspapers... shared 100 years later in 'real-time'.

Auckland Weekly News

2 April 1915

'12, noon, cookhouse.'...King's College Old Boys re-union... #WW100 via @AkWeeklyNews


2 April 1915

A WORD TO TEACHERS - Mount Ida Chronicle, 2 April 1915 #WW100 via @PapersPastNZ

Fred Welch's diary

2 April 1915

Down to Park Oval with our Welch boys & got wicket ready for the match against the Hutt cricketers. #WW100. via @FPWelchdiaries

LTCOL Malone's Diary

2 April 1915

Crossed the Nile, then per donkey to the Temple of Queen Hetetu #WW100 via @LTCOLMalone

James Cox's diary

2 April 1915

Joe Simms…said his back was too bad and he could not work so none of us worked #WW100 via @cox_diary


2 April 1915

The most luxurious military hospital in Paris - Clutha Leader, 2 April 1915 #WW100 via @PapersPastNZ