Discover WW1

New Zealand soldiers are still remembered, even 100 years on, by the people of the Belgian town of Messines.

Hundreds of New Zealand men enlisted for war as bachelors, but embarked as husbands. What do these pre-departure weddings suggest about the wartime marriage habits?

Getting a foothold in Palestine was more difficult than expected, as Trooper Vincent Barry of the Wellington Mounted Rifles found out at the First Battle of Gaza.

The massive task of surveying First World War tunnels in France to help preserve their unique Kiwi character is going even more high-tech. 

Curator and historian Kirstie Ross shares the story of two New Zealand nurses whose work with the French Flag Nursing Corps during the First World War is commemorated in Te Papa’s history collections.

Did you know that the Kiwis, the Tuis and the Pierrots entertained New Zealand troops during the war?

After conscription was introduced in 1916, nearly 100 people were imprisoned for opposing it. Some of them would go on to have notable political careers – none more so than future prime minister Peter Fraser.

Historian and educator Steve Watters challenges us to consider fresh perspectives of the First World War and its commemoration.

Margaret Lovell-Smith, lead researcher for the Voices Against War project, urges people to consider the peace perspective during centenary commemorations.

Matthew Buck, Senior Adviser Heritage with the New Zealand Defence Force, asks why we would want to remember something as horrible as a war.